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What we do

Enhancing Lives
through Mobility

Imagine a world where everyone has access to the essential medical mobility equipment they need to regain their independence and thrive. At Assist ME, we are dedicated to turning this vision into a reality. Established in 2014, Assist ME collects gently used medical mobility equipment and provides it to uninsured or underinsured patients in Charlotte, NC who are unable to obtain these vital resources upon hospital discharge.

We believe that regaining mobility is not just about physical independence, but also about rejoining the community and regaining income potential. Every day, we work tirelessly to bridge the gap and ensure that those in need have access to the equipment that can make all the difference in their lives.

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Mission and Vision

Independence for All


Assist M.E. helps people with impaired mobility regain their independence and quality of life. We do this by collecting and providing mobility-related medical equipment that can improve a person’s function and comfort.


In a world where mobility is synonymous with independence, we envision a community where everyone, regardless of circumstance, has access to the medical mobility equipment they need.

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Case Managers, Social Workers, Physical, and Occupational Therapists have referred patients to Assist ME

Empowering Lives

A Journey of Impact and Community Care

Since our inception, we have served over 3000 patients, touching their lives in ways that go far beyond the physical. Through our efforts, we have helped reduce the burden on our healthcare system, saving substantial costs associated with ongoing care for those who cannot efficiently regain lost mobility.

At Assist ME, our team is driven by our belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life of dignity and independence. Join us in making a difference and be a part of a community that cares.

Assist ME

Founding Story

When patients lose their mobility to injury or illness, they are at serious risk of losing their independence. Fortunately, if they are provided with the correct rehabilitation mobility equipment when they need it, they can maximize their ability to regain mobility and independence.

A troubling number of our neighbors struggle daily because they cannot afford the rehabilitation equipment they need to regain lost mobility. More than 10% are uninsured, even after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Many more are underinsured and their policies will not cover all of the equipment they need. This financial barrier hinders reintegration into the community, resulting in substantial cost to the healthcare system annually. Our whole community suffers as a result.

Throughout his career marketing medical devices, Jack Sheehan learned many Americans don’t have the money or insurance to get essential rehabilitation equipment. So, when he was nearing retirement in 2014, Jack was inspired by the FREE Foundation of Virginia and established Assist ME to ensure everyone in the Charlotte area needing mobility equipment can get it.

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